January 18, 2022

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Benefits Of Commerce Stream

Who are the highest-paid employees enough in the company you think about any big company, who are the highest-paid employees they’re definitely management and yes in commerce we teach you management from the grassroots level so why taking some other streams and then jumping into management take commerce and jump into management directly? From the basics from the grassroots level and guys moving on to the second point and that is applicability whatever you study if you’re not applying it in real life then, what is the use of studies now in commerce whether you go for Business Studies or whether you go for accountancy or whether you go for economics or whether you go for English you go for any subject everything has direct applicability in the day to day life so I stopped man just choose commas and just apply about whatever you have studied in your daily routine. Is moving on to the third point exposure to business environment guys the world is extremely dynamic filled with lots of changes happening day-to-day every day every second no real commerce teaches you how to deal with all such economic changes in the best possible way. So the third point is it helps you adapt to the business environment and business need so the next point guys are financial assistance everyone needs for assistance at some point of their time they go to professionals they spend a lot of money guys so why are you waiting for just be that financial professional just takes away money from them because you are helping them to make money a lot of concepts like mutual funds stocks shares everything a lot of guys don’t know about that just grab all the knowledge and yes commerce gives you that opportunity.

Just grab that knowledge and make sure that you become a full well versed commerce professional and that is possible if you take commerce at this point in time and is something that the entire government is talking about that all the nations are talking about that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been talking about since the inception of his regime and that is entrepreneurship. Yes, entrepreneurship sees entrepreneurs are something who start an organization they should know all the details how to be with the taxations how to deal with the financial effects how to be with the changes in the environment they have to deal with everything. And ask commerce professionals if you know at all I’m not saying that the other streams can’t do, it even they can but you are having an edge over them so the startups like the start of India or make in India everything is going on a boom so what you waiting for guys the world is waiting for you, your life is waiting for you be an entrepreneur be whatever you want to be.

The Highest Paying Jobs In Commerce

The highest paying jobs in India for commerce students, so let us take a look at the best courses that a commerce student can opt for.

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant is qualified to file a business tax return audit financial statements and offer advisory services to companies, The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI is a statutory body that designates a person as a chartered accountant after they have gone through a series of examinations and articles however CA exams are known to be one of the toughest and preparation for it requires immense hard work as a starting salary one can expect to get around rupees six to seven lakhs per annum. As a CA this value increases when a CA gains more experience.

Investment Banker

An Investment Banker’s role is to provide financial advice and recommendations to clients so that they can optimally make use of their money and reach their business goals. It is one of the highest-paid jobs for commerce students, it is with the help of investment bankers that most companies develop their long-term and short-term financial plans based on experience. The average salary for a mid-career investment banker in India is rupees 16 lakh per annum

Chartered Financial Analyst

A Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the highest distinctions in the investment management discipline and is also one of the most popular globally recognized commerce jobs a CFA Engages in several roles like wealth management equity and fixed income analysis, and credit analysis. If you are a CA then you can have an advantage in the CFA examinations, since you will be offered several exemptions CFA is one of the highest paying jobs in India for commerce students with an approximate salary of rupees 8.5 lakhs per annum

Certified Public Accountant

A Certified Public Accountant handles taxation, auditing, reporting, and accounting processes of certain clients and corporations it is one of the best commerce stream jobs which can provide you financial security. CPA is similar to chartered accountancy but it is conducted by the American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants or Aicpa. Hence CPA has a global appeal you need to have a business or accounting degree to get enrolled for the CPA exam and then you have to pass the exam the average salary of a Certified Public Accountant CPA in India is rupees seven lakhs per annum.


Actuaries are individuals who assess the risks involved in the insurance industry the risks include property loss disability or other probable causes that could impact the company. An Actuary is one of the best commerce stream jobs and since it is mostly in the analytical field, a student of Actuaries should have a background in economics business administration finance as well as mathematics. An early career Actuary with one to four years of experience earns an average total compensation of rupees eight lakhs per annum.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountants are professionals, who help in making budgets managing costs and assets of a company, and evaluating the performance of a company. A cost accountant is one of the top commerce jobs which is generally employed by manufacturing firms they are part of an executive team and helps in building the financial plan for the company and reports for stakeholders and tax authorities, the average salary of an entry-level cost accountant in India is rupees 5 lakhs annum.

Financial Risk Managers

A Financial Risk Manager is a globally recognized certification for finance and banking professionals by the global association of risk professionals GARP USA Financial Risk Management will open doors to lucrative career options. In risk management trading structuring modeling and more, the average salary of a financial risk manager is between rupees 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

Lawyer Law

In certain areas that have experienced vast development in growth, this growth would reflect directly in increased market demand for lawyers specializing in fields such as cyber law tax law, etc, companies and even banks hire in-house councils to certain departments or teams to work on projects cyber law, departments, and property law firms would pay on average a starting salary package of rupees 50, 000 to rupees 60, 000 per month in-house council bank jobs would pay graduates a starting salary of rupees 6 lakhs per annum.

Company Secretary

A Company Secretary plays an important role in the company by ensuring that the company is running as per the statutory and regulatory requirements. CS is one of the best courses after 12th commerce with a high salary they act as the moderator between the stakeholders and the board a company secretary is responsible for making legal filings like tax reports account information as well as reports of annual earnings. A Company Secretary can expect a salary of rupees 6 to 7 lakhs per annum.

Personal Financial Advisor

A Personal Financial Advisor is a person, who helps clients with their financial objectives retirement savings pension insurance, and management of debts financial. Advisors generally require a degree in finance, accounting business mathematics, and law the average salary for a mid-career financial advisor in India is rupees 5 lakhs per year.

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Which job has highest salary in commerce?

Chartered Accountantant has the highest paid salary in commerce.

Which job is best for commerce students?

There are many jobs that commerce students can apply for that depending on the qualification of the student. The top 10 jobs for commerce students have Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, Actuary, Cost Accountant, Financial Risk Managers, Lawyer Law, Company Secretary, and Personal Financial Advisor.

What is best after 12th commerce?

After 12th commerce, there are many options available after 12th for commerce students. Depending on what you want to do and how your marks are in 12th. In the article, I already told about the top best high-paying jobs for commerce. They have Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, Actuary, Cost Accountant, Financial Risk Managers, Lawyer Law, Company Secretary, and Personal Financial Advisor.

Is Commerce easy or science?

According to my opinion, both are not easy. Both subjects require you to study continuously and extensively.

Is commerce good for future?

Definitely commerce students have a bright future. In this subject, you get short-term professional courses including accounting, tally, computer accounting, share market, financial accounting, marketing, etc.